Headset Advisor

Choosing the right headset always seems easy, until you have to make a choice. At the moment, the range of different headsets is enormous. Various headsets with different connection options are available for different applications and wearing methods. We are happy to help you make with making a choice for the right headset. We provide appropriate advice based on a short number of questions. No need for searching through all kinds of compatibility guides and various product websites. Just a personal and non-binding advice that works!

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How do we help you?

Please contact us and we will go through a number of questions and based on your answers we will provide you an appropriate advice. If you want to order the advised headset we are able to prepare the recommended products for you in an on-line quotation so that you can see again which products we have recommended. Your advantage ... no more searching in our webshop for the recommended products, and if you agree, you can order the headsets directly online from us!

WWhich questions we go through with you?

  • To which device or devices do you want to connect the headset and do you want to connect the headset wireless or wired to the device?
  • For which application will you be using the headset? A landline telephone, softphone, PC / laptop, tablet, smartphone, DECT telephone, video meeting or for different applications?
  • Do you want a Mono or Duo headset. In other words, a single or double ear? And what size should be the earcushions or speakers and what kind of material should they be made of? Foam, Rubber, Leatherette?
  • How do you want to wear the headset? Over the head, behind the head, behind the ear, in the ear?
  • In which location (s) do you want to use the headset? At the office, home workplace, Contact Center, in the car, outside or even a combination of these locations?
  • Do you work in a quiet or noisy room? If you work in a noisy environment, good noise reduction is not an unnecessary luxury. (Noise canceling)

If you would prefer to look for the right headset yourself? Look below for a selection of headsets based on a number of most common features.


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