Makes 1,5 meter visible

Keeping your distance is required. The 1,5-meter distance can be quite difficult to estimate. Asking people to keep their distance or to take a step back can feel uneasy. Novick helps to show when someone is standing too close. The Novick wearable will light up to make clear when users are within 1,5 meters of one other.

This is 1,5m

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Lanyard with Novick wearable

Makes 1,5 meter visible


  • Lights up when getting too close

  • Uses Bluetooth and infrared technology

  • Does not store any personal data

Two persons with Novick

How does it work

The Novick uses Bluetooth and infrared technology to detect the presence of other Novicks within 1,5 meters. Both Novicks will light up letting the bearer know they are too close to someone else. Novick only works front-facing.

Using Novick

  • Hang the Novick around your neck with the provided lanyard
  • Turn the Novick on or off with the on/off switch

Novick uses a cell battery and with daily use the Novick will last at least half a year.

Signals Novick

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The Novick can be ordered in our webshop. Do you want to personalize your Novick, order them with your own company logo!

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Novick Plus

It is possible to expand the Novick with sound. Next to lighting up, the Novick Plus emits a sound to indicate someone is too close. Ask for the possibilities.

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